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Where to Host Your Site


        Do you think that anyone will ever remember that address?  Of course not!  So why would you want  to put that address on your brochures, business cards, etc.?

Reasons Not to Use Free Web Space

  • Hard to remember the address
  • When you decide to move to another address your site will appear to have disappeared
  • When you change your address you will have to change all of your brochures, etc.
  • CREDIBILITY - without your own domain name you don't appear to be serious about your business or organization
  • Free sites generally load slower due to the volume of other sites being hosted on free servers

Why You Need a Domain Name

  • You look professional
  • domain names are very reasonable these days $70 for the first two years, $35 per year thereafter
  • If you change servers your address never changes

Virtual Servers vs. Virtual Hosting

        Did you know that there is a difference?   There is.  Having a domain name on a virtual server means that your web site has its own IP address.  Virtual hosting is a new concept where many domain names are directed to the same IP address.  The problem with this is that older browsers will not find your site. Only newer browsers are set up for finding these addresses.



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