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Why Not Design An Online Ad?

Sometimes when we develop a site our main purpose is to sell a product.  But tell me why I should ever visit your site again if all it consists of is an online ad for some product, no matter how useful it is. You have to realize that the Internet does not work like the rest of the world.  On the Internet people search for information and they love everything that is free.  Free information is one of the greatest novelties of the Internet.
        If you are selling a product like spaghetti sauce, then have your site be a site where people can find great recipes.  Then in a subtle way let them know that your spaghetti sauce would work best in those recipes.  
        What you want to achieve is to create a site that has relevance.  Your main goal may be to sell products, but you are going to have a hard time finding your audience without a little ingenuity.  Other sites will be more willing to link to you if you have relevant information as well as products to sell.

  • Create a site that is unique. 
  • Give people a reason to come back. 
  • Make a site that they will want to bookmark.  It will all pay off. 
  • A web site cannot remain stagnant.  It needs to change and improve and offer people something of interest. 
    Maybe this site ought to sell something like web hosting services ... hmmm.


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