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Mistakes You Don't Want to Make Designing Your Page


  • Blinking text and scrolling marquees - for the most part they are just annoying
  • Overuse of animated graphics - these are also quite distracting 
  • Joey's Home Page - we know it's a home page, be a little more creative
  • Under Construction signs - hopefully all web sites are always under construction, if they never change no one needs to come back
  • Misspelled words - use a spell checker
  • Broken links - very frustrating, check them occasionally
  • Missing graphics - doesn't look very professional
  • Long scrolling pages - If your page is long, divide it up. Long pages take too long to load
  • Music - you can't count on visitors wanting to hear your choice of music
  • Pop-up windows - extremely annoying
  • Obnoxious color schemes
  • Large useless graphics - make your graphics count and try to keep the file size as small as possible
  • Frames - only use these if absolutely necessary.  Search engines don't  usually read them right, It is hard to bookmark, outside links that open inside frames are annoying, I could go on
  • Newest technology - don't try to put all of the newest technology on your page.  Older browsers can't see it and most of the time it is unnecessary.   Content is king!
  • Long, complex URL's - you need to have a domain name people can type in easily
  • Unclear Navigation - make it easy to move around your sit



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