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Some Web Design Considerations to Think About

Designing your own site can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.  There are some great software packages that can really make it rather simple.  Check out some of these on our Useful Tools page.  You should try and learn a little basic HTML just so you know what is going on but it really isn't necessary.  You will probably want to learn some as you become more experienced so you are able to tweak your pages to get them just right.

Design Tips to Think About

  • Think about Navigation - you have to make it easy for visitors to find information.  Many people will leave quickly if they cannot find what they want without searching through your whole site.
  • Focus - make sure that you have a clear vision of what you are presenting. People decide very quickly whether they will stay at your site.  They need to be able to tell quickly what you have to offer that can help them.
  • Use Graphics Sparingly - This cannot be over emphasized.  Graphics slow down the loading of your page.  If it takes too long your visitor will never wait to see what you have to offer.  This includes banner advertising (keep to a minimum) and courtesy links to other sites
  • Content - You have to remember that one of the greatest things about the Internet is FREE information.  Give your visitors a reason to return
  • Doorway Pages - consider designing an entry page that is geared toward relevance in search engine rankings. Visit the Search Engine Design page for more about designing for search engine relevance.


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